Sick Days


You may be use sick leave for an a personal illness, medical and dental appointments or to care for an immediate family member who is ill.

All full-time employees accrue sick leave from the date of hire, for a total of 10 days per year. Two (2) of the ten (10) days may be used as Personal Time Off in order to accommodate personal needs which otherwise would be deducted from vacation balances. Unused Personal Time Off will be carried forward as sick leave in accordance with the current policy. Part-time and temporary employees are not eligible for paid sick leave.

Additional Information

  • An employee must personally contact his or her supervisor for illness notification (except in an emergency)
  • Sick leave may not be used prior to accrual
  • Sick leave may be taken in four hour or eight hour increments. Unless shorter increments are necessary for FMLA purposes.
  • Unused sick leave will be carried over from one year to the next to a maximum of sixty-five (65) days or 520 hours and may be used only for FMLA purposes.

Please refer to the Employee Handbook to review the complete policy.