Comparison of Medical Care Options

Type of Care

Average Cost

When To Use

Additional Information

Your DoctorPPO: $30 to $40 per visit
HDHP w/HSA: $150 per visit
Best place to start your access to healthcare, if available at times needed.Call to make your appointment.
Telehealth$40Board Certified Doctors to help resolve many medical issues through phone or video consults 24/7/365Visit
Pharmacy Clinic$80 per visitAssessment and treatment of simple infections from ears to toes, pinkeye.Best to find 3 locations and phone numbers closest to your home.
BCBSKC Nurse Line$0Offering answers to health questions from registered nurses 24/7, 365 days a year.Call 877-852-5422
Urgent CarePPO: $60 per visit
HDHP w/HSA: $200 per visit
Treat more serious infections with a fever. Can rule out pneumonia and joint conditions.Best to find 3 locations closest to your home. If you have chest pain, severe abdominal pain or a major joint pain with swelling, go to the emergency room.
Emergency Room$500 or moreHandle any emergency, but is well known for long wait times.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)$0Connects you with mental health and counseling servicesCall Alternative Employee Assistance Program at 800-466-8282