Jury Duty & Voting Leave


The Bank will allow you time off for required jury duty or service as a witness. Full-time employees are eligible for paid time off for jury duty or service as a witness. Part-time and temporary employees will not be paid for days for court service but may use available vacation or take time off without pay for such purposes.

Non-exempt employees may receive up to five (5) paid days off per year for jury duty or service as a witness. Exempt employees, by law, are entitled to full pay for each day of jury duty or service as a witness if they work anytime during that week. If no work is performed during the week an exempt employee is on jury duty or serving as a witness, s/he will receive payment for a maximum of five (5) days. Time taken in excess of five (5) days will be provided but unpaid.

You must provide a copy of the court order, subpoena, or jury summons to your manager for approval for time off for court service as soon after receipt as possible. The Bank may request a postponement of jury duty if your services are vitally needed at the time you are called for jury service.

You must be working to be eligible for paid time off for court service. Pay will not be granted to an employee who is on unpaid status (e.g., military leave, medical leave of absence, etc.).

You may retain any fees received from the court for service on a jury.

At the completion of your court service, you must present your manager with an official notice from the court, verifying the dates of court service.

The Bank will not compensate time off for court appearances as a party to any civil or criminal litigation, unless required by applicable law. You must arrange for time off without pay or use available vacation for such appearances.

If you are subpoenaed or summoned as a witness in a legal proceeding involving bank operations, you are performing a function of employment, and time served testifying in such action is considered normal working time.


All employees, including full-time, part-time, and temporary employees, are eligible for time off of up to two (2) hour(s) to vote if your work schedule does not allow for two (2) consecutive hours in which to vote during polling hours.

You must receive prior approval from your manager for time off to vote if the work schedule does not allow at least two (2) hours. Time off to vote will be scheduled in such a manner as to provide unimpaired service by the Bank and adequate coverage of all positions.