Birth & Adoption

You can add, change or remove benefit coverage outside of annual enrollment if these qualifying life events occur:

    • Birth of a new child
    • Adopt a child
    • Assume a legal obligation for total or partial support of a child in anticipation of adoption
    • Addition of a child through marriage
    • When your child becomes eligible as an extended dependent through assumption of legal custody or legal guardianship

How To Make Changes To Your Benefits

  1. Review the benefits you can change by clicking on the appropriate link to the right. This will provide you the details of the benefits you may change and outlines the appropriate supporting documentation that will be required to make the Qualifying Life Event change.
  2. Notify your local HR contact or reach-out to Rachel Gore, Benefits Specialist at or at 816-270-4724.
  3. All requests AND Supporting documentation must be received within 30 days of the date of the event and will take affect the 1st of the month following the event.

Supporting Documents

When making mid year benefit changes due to Birth & Adoption changes you are required to submit supporting documents to Human Resources prior to approval.

Examples of supporting documentation and actions (not all inclusive)


Supporting Documentation Needed

Add new born babyCrib Card, Hospital Announcement, or Birth Certificate
Add adopted childAdoption papers with effective date
Add children you are now a legal guardian forDocumentation showing legal guardianship and effective date
Remove self, spouse, or dependents from our plansProof of New Coverage for everyone being dropped from the plan – including coverage effective date