2018 Benefit Changes

The following are changes to your 2018 benefits. Review each benefit change to make the best decision about your 2018 benefit elections.

Plan Highlights

Medical Plan Contributions

While the average medical premium increase for many organizations is 6% – 8%, WireCo’s premiums for 2018 will increase by less than 2%. As in the past, the company is still paying much of the total cost of health care coverage for you – more than 70%. How is WireCo achieving better results? Through our associates’ commitment to health and wellness!

Additional Medical Information


The biometric targets are not changing for 2018. Remember, if you have not earned your incentive for 2018, you still have until November 30, 2017 to reach the required targets. If you or your spouse/domestic partner have not earned the incentive for two consecutive years, you may be faced with a $50 per month surcharge for both the associate and spouse/domestic partner. If you are unsure whether you or your spouse/domestic partner have earned an incentive in previous years, please contact Bravo Wellness at 877.662.7286 for additional information.


VSP will remain WireCo’s vision carrier and there will be a slight decrease in the cost of premiums.


Individual IRS limit increased to $3,450 for individual and $6,900 for family.