2017 Benefit Changes

The following are changes to your 2017 benefits. Review each benefit change to make the best decision about your 2017 benefit elections.

ALEX—Your Virtual Guide to UMB Plans and Enrollment

hi-im-alexChoosing between medical and other insurance plans can be confusing. How do you know which is the right plan for you? This year, we are introducing a new way to help you make the right decisions for your personal circumstances.

ALEX is a smart, funny benefits expert who explains your benefits options and helps you choose what’s best for you. ALEX can help you:

  • Learn about your benefits from someone who will talk to you in plain English instead of insurance jargon.
  • Get recommendations for which benefits options you should choose based on your personal situation.
  • Review your benefits options at home (or anywhere else there’s an internet connection) so you can include your spouse and family members.

ALEX can explain UMB plans for

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Enrollment
  • Employee Assistance
  • Program
  • Pharmacy Savings
  • Tax Savings (FSA and HSA)
  • Vision

ALEX will ask you a few simple questions (your answers will remain completely confidential) about how you think you might use the plan. He’ll crunch some numbers for you and then make a recommendation for you, explaining why it’s a better choice than the other options available. Of course, you don’t have to take ALEX’s advice, but he can be a huge help in navigating your benefits choices.

You can visit ALEX at: myalex.com/umb/2017

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Plan Changes

Medical Plan Contributions

Effective 2017, associate medical plan contributions will be based on income—higher income earners will pay proportionately more for their medical benefits than lower income earners. This is the fairest way to help mitigate the increasing cost of health care, and it aligns with our values as a business.


Plan enhancements include

  • Addition of Anti-reflective lenses benefit with a $25 copay to both plans
  • Addition of a 2nd pair of glasses or contacts on the Buy-Up Plan


In 2017, UMB is partnering with Cigna to administer dental benefits. Plan enhancements include

  • No waiting period for services
  • Implant coverage included
  • Routine cleanings twice a year vs. every 6 months

Preventive care is covered 100% in the Base and Buy-Up plans and there is enhanced adult orthodontia coverage in the Buy-Up plan.


Some biometric goals are changing for Wellness Incentives. Review these changes in the Wellness section of this guide.

Active Enrollment

Annual Enrollment is your chance to review your current benefits and determine if they are still right for you. You must go out and make an active election of your benefits for 2017.


During your employment with UMB, should you need to change your beneficiaries, please contact HRBenefits@umb.com.